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Why Use Insulation Panel Modules? 

Using alternative materials we can relieve the demand on traditional building methods and remove delays in supply.

Our supplier's insulation panel modules are tried and true building solutions with superior energy efficiency, as well as being lightweight to ensure fast construction. Thus providing huge economic advantages for both developers and consumers.

No delays: depending where in the world you are, from 2 - 4 months from ordering construction, to completed build. 

 Eco-friendly Insulation Panel construction is in the spotlight as the future building block of the Industry, worldwide.

140 sq m house in Copenhagen

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24 apartments in Sunds, Denmark, 2018

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Design to Delivery

Each project is unique, but the basic procedure is always the same and has worked without fault, for 50 years.

  • Contact Niels-Erik with your ideas

  • The team prepares designs for your approval

  • Everything is calculated in

  • An order is confirmed and deposit sent

  • Components are made at the factory

  • The flat pack is shipped within approx 4 weeks

  • The container arrives on site

  • Just 3 weeks maximum to complete; if a small house, just a few days.

4 apartments per block

Approx 60 days construction for 6 blocks

Unique system

Our Danish suppliers have developed their components and applications, during 50 years of designing and building around the world. Initially they were making cold stores, factories and industrial buildings of elegance and durability. In the last 20 years, with stricter regulations in the European building trade, their panel modules have become in high demand for shops and domestic housing.


The patented locking systems and components are just one of the secrets to their success. Another element of success is their company manifesto keywords: Flexibility - Respect - Reliability - Cooperation

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Jensen Consult

Niels-Erik is a consultant sales engineer who has worked in the far East for 30 years and has promoted and used this method of construction for factories and has also consulted on domestic housing. He knows this product well, from its inception until now.

Niels-Erik Jensen


Niels-Erik was born in Denmark, has lived and worked in the Far East and in the UK. He qualified at Aarhus University as Engineer and has designed turnkey ready factories and promoted panel build constructions the world around.

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