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Introducing Alternative Lifestyle housing 

Build a house in 3 days

Jensen Consult is a Danish based Consulting Firm established to offer builders, developers and new homeowners the freedom of dynamic and affordable construction solutions that build for the future. An environmentally friendly construction method that is safe, energy efficient and cost-effective.

After discussion, a complete shell, including bespoke windows, doors and choice of cladding can be supplied and delivered on site in less than 2 months and erected speedily by 3 workers in 5 days; ready for services and interior furnishings to complete the project.

Danish designed flat pack modules are tough, fully insulated and fireproof. The panels are locked together creating a formidable air-tight seal that is hygienic, resistant to mold and pests, and doesn't absorb moisture so there's no condensation. With minimal to no maintenance, there is no need to repaint. The entire building is delivered in a container to the site and can be completed within days. No cranes or heavy lifting needed, as the materials are lightweight, easy to handle and quick to build. Whatever your needs may be, we can make it happen. Get in touch with us today.

Worker with Ladder
Worker with Ladder


Denmarks cheapest rental housing to be built in Herning. Green Project Teglparken consists of 64 energy-producing insupanel homes that not only provide heating and cooling for their families, but also creates extra energy for the larger community.


Niels-Erik Jensen

0045 9147 4880

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